The aim of every dropshipper is to scale their business, but without the right sourcing agent or sourcing company, that goal may seem far-fetched.

A dropshipper can run into several problems because of not having a reliable sourcing agent, from customer complaints to a bad reputation.

You will be relieved to know that finding a good product sourcing agent in USA is not that difficult and will offer several benefits to your drop shipping company.

The top US sourcing agent will use strategic ways for product procurement in compliance with import procedures and regulations to help you save costs in your distribution network. Ensuring transparency about your sourcing companies in USA is an excellent option since it will help you draw in more clients who are looking for ethical, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting items.

The top US sourcing agents make sure to file paperwork correctly, follow proper business protocol, and avoid implementing the wrong strategy, all of which can help their customers from paying a hefty fine.

If you want the most from your dropshipping business, then selecting the best US sourcing agent is essential. We have listed the best 13 sourcing companies in USA to help you grow your drop shipping business.

Best 13 USA sourcing agents to work with in 2022/2023

Now, dropshippers are increasingly hiring sourcing companies in USA due to the several benefits of working with them. Since they have a huge network and are professionals in their area, they can identify the top manufacturers and rapidly comprehend your requirements. To get the best offer, they will work with you as a team and take care of shipping.

Moreover, US sourcing agents sometimes offer services like marketing, branding, or packaging. They will share their industry knowledge with you and keep you up to date on the most recent trends.

However, hiring the best US sourcing agent is not easy and requires extensive research to determine their reliability and whether or not they are ready to work in accordance with your company’s objectives.

Sourcing companies in USA will put in every effort to suit your business’s needs and even suggest other products that would go with your brand.

Continue reading to take advantage of the US sourcing agents we have shared below and make your dropshipping business even more successful.

1. Fillsell

Fillsell is the number 1 US sourcing agent and the only one you will need for all your sourcing needs.

Fillsell is amongst the top sourcing companies in USA because of years of experience and expertise in the field. Fillsell procures products directly from China and only from top-rated, authentic suppliers. They are experts in finding the right and authentic manufacturers, investigating product quality, and the company’s ethical values, along with several other important factors.

Since its founding, FillSell has partnered with freight forwarders and producers of high-quality goods. Fillsell agents have a competent network in China that helps them get the lowest prices with the best quality along with the fastest shipping services.

Since its founding, FillSell has partnered with freight forwarders and producers of high-quality goods. Additionally, their platform is super easy and straightforward to use and takes fewer steps than a conventional dropshipping model. Chinese vendors transport products straight to logistics firms, who then expeditiously deliver them to your clients.

You can visit their website and see for yourself their extensive listing of products from some of the best and most authentic Chinese suppliers in the market. Moreover, their product pricing is excellent, making it better for your profit margins.

Fillsell can help take your drop shipping business to the next level, and their service is exceptionally quick, with a quotation within 24-48 hours.

What’s even better is that Fillsell is now available on the Shopify App store, making it even easier to manage your business. Although Fillsell guarantees all their products are of the highest quality, they even provide after-sales assistance in case anything is wrong with the products. Furthermore, all their services cost only $19 per month for the basic plan and $39 for the pro plan and they even offer a free plan which you can try prior to purchasing their monthly services.

Once you’ve decided on a manufacturer, you can automatically sync your online shops with Fillsell so that the manufacturer can send the products to your customer as soon as your confirmation of the payment has been received.

Additionally, they provide exceptional branding possibilities, so when clients receive their goods, they will see that the products perfectly and attractively represents your business.

With Fillsell, you can rest easy thanks to their excellent return policy that completely compensates for any technical faults or delivery issues without any hassles.

Fillsell stands out from other sourcing companies in USA since it can help you identify the greatest suppliers at the lowest prices and scale your drop shipping business with ease and profitability.

2. Fazaz Global Concepts

Fazaz Global Concepts, another US sourcing agent, has strong industry connections and offers top-notch services in specialized business fields, which inspires confidence in their clients. They use cutting-edge equipment and technologies to inspect the goods they buy from reliable suppliers. and dealers. They have built a solid foundation with the aid of their expertise, extensive research, equipment, and well-established divisions.

3. Meijoy Material Inc

This US sourcing agent is another top contender among the different sourcing companies in the USA. It not only provides clients with warehousing, logistics, and design services but is among the top manufacturers themselves.

Meijoy Material Inc has successfully served more than 3000 companies over the world and offers scalable logistics solutions to its clients. Most of the products are sourced from Southern China, and the company guarantees reliable and authentic manufacturers and suppliers offering only the best quality products .

They deal in top-quality medical equipment ranging from syringes to surgical gowns, latex gloves, and much more.

4. Leeline Sourcing

This US sourcing agent acts as a strong competitor to Fillsell, offering competitive pricing from some of the best manufacturers in China, and has over a decade’s worth of experience in the field.

You will get the quote within 2 working days after your query. You also get personalized and tailored services, such as OEM, ODM, packaging design, logo printing and more.

Besides, they offer quality control process services such as detailed photography for your product photo and video product inspection.

5. Raines International Trade Agency

The Raines International Trade Agency is another sourcing agent in USA, providing a range of solutions for obtaining goods while verifying product quality, working with international trade facilitators, and corresponding directly with manufacturers and suppliers.

This company is popular for considering several stages of product production, beginning with the quality of the raw materials, which is why many dropshippers in America choose them.

Several firms benefit from the exceptional services they offer while optimizing their sourcing processes.

6. Comway Group International

While this US sourcing agent is relatively new, it has an excellent rating and specializes in agricultural products.

Comway specializes as a sourcing company in USA and is committed to assisting its clients in supply chain optimization. Their highly skilled team has a track record of successfully fulfilling extremely precise specifications. They work together with manufacturers to understand their offerings and capacities, and, whenever possible, to find cost savings. They are also entirely focused on working in tandem with their clients to put their items and capabilities to good use in the most advantageous, effective, and productive manner.

7. K & S Global Alliance Inc.

Among the top sourcing companies in USA, K & S Global Alliance is known for connecting buyers and sellers optimally while negotiating the best deals to create win-win solutions for everyone.

Their quality control and inspection are very detailed and extensive, separating them from many others due to their excellent supply chain management strategies.

8. Rocket LLC

If you are a startup and find it difficult to get your hands on a reliable sourcing agent, Rocket LLC might be what you are looking for. This US sourcing agent helps startups and smaller businesses to launch their operations successfully.

Their outstanding customer service is one of their selling points, and they stand out from many other sourcing companies due to their ability to negotiate the best prices from suppliers.

9. Fullfillbot

This one-stop sourcing platform is another excellent US sourcing company and is usually the top choice for small and new businesses.

It sources its products from established and authentic manufacturers in China and helps in negotiating the best pricing to help you scale your business. it provides several other services, including branding, packaging, tracking orders, and warehousing and makes sure all the clients’ requirements are fulfilled.

10.Stratus Industries

Stratus Industries is another US sourcing agent that works in creating long-term partnerships with its clients. It is among the top verified suppliers in the US and strives to provide only the best to its clients.

They are known for excellent packing, shipping, timely delivery, and top-quality procurement and their client reviews speak for themselves.

11. Importify

Importify is a platform that offers not only a sourcing solution for your drop shipping business but also helps you to automate it entirely.

They have an extensive collection of suppliers and manufacturers who are all reliable and authentic, providing you with an easy and scalable drop shipping solution. What’s great about their platform is that you can get your hands on all best-selling and trending products through a simple click and sell them through your eCommerce website.

12. Sourcing Nova

This US sourcing agent is another strong contender when it comes to acquiring products from China. Since sourcing products from China isn’t easy and one can face several problems, particularly if you are new in the field of dropshipping business , a US sourcing agent like Sourcing Nova can be very helpful.

Sourcing Nova works with manufacturers who are already familiar with Western Standards and keep strict quality assurance checks.

Even during the busiest times of the year, freight delivery is assured, thanks to their privileged storage facility in Shenzhen.

They value every client, no matter how big or small, and hope to have a fruitful, lasting partnership with them.

13. EDS International

EDS International is amongst the oldest and most well-established sourcing companies in USA. Since its establishment in 1984, EDS International has offered globally competitive holistic supply chain services. They promote their client best interests when interacting with international suppliers to make sure manufacturing consistently complies with their cost, quality, and delivery standards. They have headquarters in Europe, Asia, Mainland China, North America, South America as well as suppliers all around the world.

EDS International is among the leading sourcing companies in USA which serves as the eyes and ears on the field for all procurement requirements. With more than 36 years as a global sourcing agent, EDS International has a network of manufacturers and suppliers that adhere to all western and international standards and are thoroughly familiar with all shipping guidelines.


Drop shipping and e-commerce are gaining traction by the second as more and more people are turning to it as a lucrative business option. However, once you get in touch with a reliable sourcing agent, your drop shipping business will definitely succeed.

We have listed several sourcing companies in USA to make your e-commerce business operations a little easier, but in our opinion, Fillsell tops them all due to their wide range of manufacturers, suppliers, and products. and that too at such competitive pricing, you don’t want to miss it!