About Us

A great number of store owners have reduced product costs and shipping costs since cooperating with FillSell. They have not only saved time and effort, but also, more importantly, increased more profits. They were excited and said, “FillSell is amazing! I have never used a sourcing platform like this. It cuts down so many product costs and my store makes a lot more money! Why didn’t I hear about this earlier?”

We appreciate our customers that they rate FillSell. And we are delighted about that. Now, here is the story of FillSell and its growing-up.

The birth of FillSell started back in 2015. At first, we serve a limited number of customers privately, like Jared Goetz. (Jared Goetz, Founder of the eCom Hacks Academy, he’s an e-commerce expert. “In 2017, his store went from $0-2M in 60 days, and grossed $5M on the year and was the second-fastest growing Shopify store of the year.”)We were not thinking about the expansion of business at that time. And we didn’t open our services. But we had good cooperation with our customers. Thanks to them, we received many suggestions and help.

As our customers grew their business, we grew as well. We were hoping to help store owners reduce their product costs and earn more profits. The idea of serving more customers developed. Thus, we invited a great number of factories, agents and shipping companies with high quality to join us. Our customers increased and business rocketed.

Now in 2020, we create FillSell platform to serve store owners with bulk orders and help with finding the lowest prices of products and best suppliers. We select Chinese factories and agents with high quality and make a strict entry. Those factories and agents are enabled to provide competitive products to store owners. We also work with the fastest shipping companies to deliver products. Companies like 4PX, CNE, YANWEN Express, UBI, DHL, PostNL, Singapore Post are professional logistics companies that effectively deal with FillSell packages. FillSell is a new platform and also a new beginning. We enhance our capacity to better service our customers.

We are confident with helping store owners with bulk orders, and are enabled to help reduce product costs. Store owners can use FillSell to gain more profits.