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Strong supply chain. Get quotes within 24-48 hours, from the best suppliers in China.

More Orders, More Discounts, More money you can earn via competitive prices.

Expedited shipping, delivered by top rated logistics companies in China.

Custom made sourcing platform for dropshippers with 20+ orders per day.

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Sell products sourced from China on Shopify stores.

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Why Choose FillSell to find China Sourcing Agent?

There are many sourcing agents in China. Some of them are sourcing specialists with several years of experience. The sourcing specialist can help to find manufacturers, check their authenticity and qualifications, make product development, etc. Some are sourcing companies, which have more manpower and resource. Anyway, working with a sourcing agent when importing products from China is a wise choice. In Chinese markets, factories are more inclined to cooperate with familiar people and cooperation. But how to find trusted sourcing agents in China? FillSell is a platform that can help.

Get the best Chinese suppliers and competitive prices.

With over 10 years of experience in purchasing, our founders have a powerful supply chain for long term cooperation in Chinese markets. It includes a wide range of different industry products manufacturers and China purchasing agent. After filtering, FillSell keeps the best Chinese suppliers, which provide high product quality and competitive prices.

Work with pro logistics companies, ship to your customers faster.

There is no doubt that sourcing products from China can save money. Working with a sourcing agent can save effort. But as a matter of fact, China is far from many other places in the world. So shipping and logistics have been one of the most concerning issues when import products from China. A good sourcing agent knows what customers care about is what matters. FillSell has selected many trusted and professional shipping companies as partners. They can quickly deliver the products sourced from China to customers worldwide.

One-stop sourcing services, multiple products in one package.

With FillSell, you can get a one-stop solution. There is no need to find many partners for sourcing products from China and communication costs are high. We can help arrange a wide range of thing for you. For example, finding products suppliers in China, product development, quality control, shipping and logistics, customs clearance, and so on. Even you purchase multiple products in one order, and there will be no multiple packages, only one! Besides, custom packaging with your store logo is available for building brand awareness.

Quality assurance and thoughtful after-sales support.

FillSell is responsible for the whole sourcing process. We are committed to establishing long term relationship with our clients. No matter what problems you meet during the sourcing services, like product quality control, package tracking and customs clearance, you can contact customer service.

Find China sourcing agent for dropshippers with 20+ orders per day.

FillSell serves ecommerce store owners with bulk orders, who want to source products from china. The more orders you have, the bigger discount suppliers may offer, and the higher profit margin you get. Choose a China sourcing company to fulfill orders, and then you can focus on marketing and earn more money!

1 to 1 account manager for paid customers.

Before registering an account, you can contact our customer service via Live Chat. If you choose a paid plan, 1 to 1 account manager is available for a prompt response. You can communicate via a wide range of instant chat tools. And he/she will help to solve all problems you may encounter on FillSell China sourcing company platform.

How FillSell Works as your China Sourcing Agent?

China sourcing agent

1.Get quotes within 24-48 hours, from the best suppliers in China.

China sourcing agent

2. Choose a best one from many quotations.

China sourcing agent

3. Auto sync orders from Shopify to FillSell platform.

China sourcing

4. The supplier delivers goods from China to your customer by top rated shipping companies.

China sourcing agent

Compared with the traditional dropshipping business model, there are fewer procedures on the FillSell platform. Chinese suppliers directly deliver products to logistics companies and ship to your customers as soon as possible. Express shipping is provided by China’s top shipping companies, including UBI, 4PX, CNE, Yanwen Express, DHL, PostNL, Singapore Post, etc.

Our Sourcing Services

FillSell works with high quality product suppliers and logistics companies since founded. And Chinese sourcing agents provide the lowest price and fastest shipping service to bulk-order store owners who want to source products from China. Create a new model, upgrade your ecommerce business to a higher level.

China sourcing agent

Strict Entry to Suppliers

Verify all Chinese suppliers and their industry products with the strictest standards. Make quality inspection before shipping and promise to deliver at the fastest speed.

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Request a Quote with Convenience

Request a quote from suppliers and Chinese sourcing agents on FillSell for your selling products, and receive real time quote messages.

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Fastest Delivery

FillSell requires all suppliers to work with approved shipping and logistics companies. So they can deliver purchased products to your customers at the fastest speed.

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Quality Assurance of Products

FillSell requires all suppliers to provide the best quality products, and make quality inspections carefully before shipping.

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One Account for Shopify Stores

With one FillSell account, you can easily import products from China, manage multiple Shopify stores and orders after authorization.

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Sync Shopify Orders in Real time

Your store orders will be synced to FillSell sourcing companies platform in real time and need no page switching. You can focus on store promotion.

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1 to 1 Account Manager Service

Each paid customer has an exclusive account manager. You can contact him/her at your convenience and solve questions timely and promptly.

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FillSell Guarantee for After-sales

FillSell sourcing agency platform guarantees the whole product sourcing process. Following the principle of serving customers attentively, FillSell will resend or refund if there is a problem.

China sourcing

Customization Service of Branding

FillSell provides customization of adding logos, stickers, gift cards, etc, according to your need, which helps to build your brand.


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