As a member, you can submit a request and get quotes from FillSell suppliers.

First, you need to submit a quote request for a product. FillSell will send your request to the suppliers who have joined the platform. They will process it rapidly.

FillSell has a strict rule of quoting time, and it takes 12-24hrs(weekdays) to complete on average. You will get a quote notification once the suppliers finish quoting.

Then, you can check the quotations in “Sourcing”. You can choose an appropriate price and add it to “Import List”.

In “Import List,” you can edit the added product, including changing cover, selecting images, editing description, etc. You can also edit the product price, which will be displayed in your store. Changing supplier of the product is available as well.

Please note that, you do not need to add the product to “Import List” if you request a quote for a product of your Shopify store. You can just choose a quoted price to cover your previous product sourcing price. Other info of your Shopify store product will not change and it only reduces the sourcing cost.

And finally, you can view the product and its details on your store after pushing. Hope you can get lots of orders!