Refund Policy

This is the refund policy for FillSell users who have issues with the subscription plan or orders. All refunds will be arranged within 24-48 hours.

Refund policy for subscription plan:

If you want to cancel your paid plan and downgrade back to free plan, you can do it at any time. FillSell will stop charging the next subscription fee. But we can’t refund the monthly cost that you have paid. After your cancellation, some services you enjoyed before may not be available.

Refund policy for orders:

We do our utmost to provide users with the best service. If there is any problem related to return and refund, please carefully read these contents.

How do I request a refund?

Contact your 1 to 1 account manager on FillSell.

Please provide these files to help solve your problems better and faster.

a. Take photos or videos of the damaged item and sent them to us to prove the damage.

b. Screenshots of the dispute between you and your customer, including name, date and content. They can come from PayPal dispute, email, live chat, and so on.

Important explanations

1. About return

FillSell does not accept returns. Because all products are shipped from China, and the shipping cost may be higher than the product value.

2. Validity period of dispute proposal

You can propose a dispute within 30 days from the day you place an order. If you don’t reply for 3 consecutive days, the dispute will be automatically closed.

3. Dispute denied

The following disputes will be denied.

  • Closed Order.
  • FillSell will deny your dispute if the order status is closed.

  • No Tracking Info
  • FillSell will deny your dispute if the tracking info expired. Generally, the post office will keep tracking information of the order for 180 days.

  • Others
  • FillSell will deny the dispute caused by the following reasons:

    a. Your customer does not like the product.

    b. Product doesn’t match its description on the store page.

    c. Product smells unusual.

    FillSell will refund in these conditions:

    1. Incorrect or missing products

    FillSell has a strict quality inspection standard. All suppliers will check the product before shipping. We will give a full refund if the following occurs.

    • Incorrect products with the wrong style, color, size, etc.
    • Products with missing parts.
    • Parcel lost during delivery.

    Note: Don’t return the incorrect product. FillSell will refund or ask the supplier to resend the right one to your customer. If there is any problem about product size, take photos of how you make measurement and send to your account manager. Please make sure you use the right measurement method.

    2. Damaged products

    FillSell will give a full refund or ask the supplier to resend if the arrived product is damaged.

    3. Shipping guarantee

    FillSell provides a shipping guarantee. If the order delays, we will give a full refund. The shipping guarantee period starts from the date when the product leaves the supplier’s warehouse.

    a. For orders shipped to North America, EU countries, Australia and New Zealand, FillSell gives a full refund if the shipping time is more than 30 days.

    b. For orders shipped to South America, Middle East, India, and Africa, FillSell gives a full refund if the shipping time is more than 50 days.

    Note: If the delivery delay is caused by insufficient address, unable to contact the customer, package unclaimed, etc, FillSell won’t refund.

    4. Other conditions

    FillSell offers a warranty for all products. The period is 30 days from the day of receipt of the product. After 30 days, refund is not supported.

    FillSell won’t refund in these conditions:

    1. Package unclaimed

    For an unclaimed package, it will be returned to the supplier. The supplier will stock the package and can resend it if needed, but refund is not supported.

    2. Package alert

    FillSell won’t refund or resend the package if the tracking information shows “Alert” and it’s caused by these:

  • Incorrect/insufficient address
  • Refused package
  • Customs clearance
  • Non-existing number
  • Unknown recipient
  • 3. Order delivered

    FillSell won’t give a refund or resend the product if the tracking information shows “Delivered”.