FillSell, a custom-designed dropshipping sourcing and order fulfillment platform for sellers who are looking for a better price, you can get a sourcing quotation for your product from hundreds of Top-Rated Suppliers in China in a short time.

In this article, you will learn how to inquire about quotations to get more quotations from suppliers.

Top-Rated Suppliers from China in different industries and fields have entered FillSell. To save your time and the suppliers’, please ask for quotations according to the following tips:

First, please fill in the link of the product that gets most orders in your store in the last 1-3 months as far as possible.

As shown in the picture, copy your product link on your store, then go to FillSell>Sourcing and paste it into the input box. Click the Request button.

Second, fill in the real info of the product and orders in the popup window. The more real the info is, the more Top-Rated Suppliers like it, and the easier it is for you to get more quotations from suppliers.

As shown in the picture

  • When filling in Target Price, please write your expected price based on actual conditions. Please note that your target price should include shipping costs and is in US dollars. Do not write it casually or it will waste your time and the suppliers’.
  • When filling in Orders Per Day, please choose from the listed options based on the real avg. daily sales of the product in the recent month.
  • You can follow the picture and upload the screenshot of the store orders in the last 1-3 months.
  • After finishing the info, you can submit the inquiry by clicking the button. Your inquiry will be sent to the matched suppliers directly. They will quote for you within 24-48 hrs. Please be patient and wait.
  • After receiving your inquiry, suppliers will send you quotations within 24-48 hours.

As shown below, you can see all quotations from different suppliers, and choose the best one as your purchase cost of the corresponding product. After “Cover and Sycn”it, costs of subsequent orders will be greatly reduced.

All you have done is to better get more quotations from Top-Rated Suppliers. When you get quotations from Chinese Top-Rated Suppliers, you will realize that the sourcing cost of every order can be reduced so easily and you can earn more profits. Trust me, you will think that everything you have done is worth it, and you will be happy that you have chosen FillSell wisely.

In addition, it is important to note that your inquiry could be rejected in particular cases. We sort out the reasons for being rejected, and you can take them for reference.

  • The filled target price is unable to match corresponding suppliers.
  • Many Top-Rated Suppliers have a minimum sourcing quantity of some products. Orders per day are too few and do not meet the minimum sourcing quantity.
  • Limited by packing and shipping methods. Some products do not have a matching shipping method.
    Limited by shipping countries. Some products are unable to ship.
  • The product is out of stock and is unable to quote temporarily.

Things you should pay attention to when submitting inquiries are listed above. Hope it helps. And hope you can get lower quotations and save your sourcing costs.