find winning products

What to sell is one of the biggest questions you’ll be asking yourself when building your online store. And this will be key in making your business successful. So how to find the product that helps you hit the jackpot? All you need to do is do a little bit of product research. Here are a few best platforms you can use to find suitable products.

1. Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon has Best Seller lists that cover every category. Amazon has a list of bestsellers covering all categories. Their lists are based on sales and updated every hour. So you can ensure your findings are timely and focus on the right metrics.

winning products

You will find many brand-name products on Best Seller lists like Switch and Echo Dot, etc. However, you can also discover some unbranded products that are straightforwardly available.

You can find the most popular generic items on it. The next step is to pick the products you like the most and begin selling them in your store. If they’re hot selling on Amazon, they can be trending products on your website too.

2. Wish

Wish is another example of an online retailer that publicizes its best-selling products. It is a hugely popular shopping platform with very active reviews and a rating section that can help you research popular products.

winning products

Most of the trending products on Wish cater to attracting impulse purchases. Therefore, they naturally do well on visual platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

So, keep an eye out for impulse buying items as browsing the bestseller lists. Some trademarks for impulse buy products include:

a. Colorful (or visually stands out when scrolling)
b. Elicits an emotional reaction
c. Different design or style you’ve never seen

3. eBay

As for eBay, you can keep track of new trending products there. The eBay e-Commerce website updates information about best-selling goods regularly.

Pay attention to the special-purpose tool eBay WUANTO to find products according to a specified keyword.

find best sellers

For example, let’s say you would like to see what products related to women are popular in the marketplace and sold well. Specify the keyword women and see all the results generated by eBay WUANTO. The tool will show the number of watchers and short descriptions of the products included according to the keyword.

4. AliExpress

Another popular marketplace that gathers millions of shoppers around the world is AliExpress. You can also research new trending products on this famous e-commerce site. Search by categories and find bestsellers in each one. Many retailers decide to supplement their assortment with the most searched AliExpress items.

best selling products

For example, if your store sells dresses, you can select the women’s fashion category and find the section for dresses. Here you can view all available goods and sort them by various criteria:

So, keep an eye out for impulse buying items as browsing the bestseller lists. Some trademarks for impulse buy products include:

a. Newest items
b. Best Shopper Rating
c. Best match
d. Most ordered items

This way, you will gain insight into clothing pricing, the most ordered models, and the best price range for buyers.

5. Check Google Trends for A More Detailed View

If you’re finally considering adding this item to your online store, be sure to check the search growth for this product in Google Trends first. Even if a product has a lot of searches right now, that doesn’t mean it will keep around in 12-18 months.

So head over to Google Trends. Enter your product. And look at the trend lines.

find winning products

If the trend is rising, that is a good sign. After checking, if you find that the product is still popular, you can use FillSell to find the best supplier with the lowest price for your store.

In a nutshell, if you want to build a successful online store, you have to sell the right products. Nothing is more important than the product you’re selling. You can have great marketing campaigns, great websites, and solid customer service. But none of this matters if you’re offering a product that nobody wants. If you suppose to have a winning company, our advice is – to take your time, research the competitor, and do everything needed to make things run smoothly.