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Dropshipping is the best way to start your online business. It asks for fewer funds, no inventory request, and the benefits are endless. This is why more and more people are entering the dropshipping market, driving competition in the industry.

Especially in the United States, with the rapid rise in people starting dropshipping businesses, the biggest problem emerging is how can you stand out? Here is the short answer – Find a US supplier. US-based drop shippers will ensure you fulfill the online orders in a short time and make your customers happy.

Why You Should Dropship From The USA

There are many great product manufacturers and suppliers with millions of product options. So why should you drop-ship from the USA? There are some reasons:

Fast Shipping

When working with some Chinese suppliers, delivery can take a bit long time, which may lead to dissatisfied customers. In contrast, US suppliers ship to your local customers within 1-3 days. As everyone knows, fast delivery is good for the store.

With the assistance of suppliers, customers can even use reliable US couriers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL to track their packages.

Products Quality

American manufacturers are known for providing quality products. Each product comes with a “Made in USA” label.

It is a formidable selling point that makes you stand out from your competitors. Generally speaking, the better the quality, the higher the price. But most people are still willing to buy American-made products rather than Asian-made products.

A Reliable Return Policy

Having a return policy is another primary focus and a surefire way to build trust with your customers. Please do not worry, if your customers want to return their product, the supplier will be cooperative and easy to work with the return.

You would not lose any money on chargebacks, and your customers will be happy knowing that their well-being is your main priority. Working with AliExpress suppliers is difficult and often impossible to return. It results in the shippers needing to pay back their customers out of pocket.

How to Find The Best US Supplier

Since finding quality suppliers is critically significant to a successful dropshipping business, there are a few steps to assure you find the right supplier:

Explore Directories

There are many online dropshipping directories including different suppliers across the USA. To search out which suppliers are in the best directories, you need to check the consumer website and read the reviews, feedback, or forums.
For a nominal fee, you can use their data. Consider it a small investment as they can save you a lot of time.

Use WorldWide Brands

Worldwide Brands is a database that aggregates dropshipping wholesalers into a convenient directory. They also pre-screen these suppliers to make sure they are legitimate. It is an excellent resource for finding dropshipping suppliers in the United States.

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Using ThomasNet.com

ThomasNet.com is another US supplier database primarily for industrial and commercial suppliers. The nice of ThomasNet is that ThomasNet only includes genuine suppliers, not retail stores. So you don’t have to sift through the ThomasNet results as much.

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Use Social Networks

You can use social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., to find suppliers. But you need to pay attention to the company’s authenticity.

Now that you know how an American supplier can benefit your business, this can be a great addition or alternative except for Chinese or other Asian suppliers.

The better and faster you serve your customers, the better your long-term business will be. And, when it comes to your dropshipping online store, customer satisfaction starts with your suppliers. Therefore, it is a smart move to work with US dropshipping suppliers.