There are numerous things to consider when running a business, particularly the quality of products. Ever since the rise of eCommerce, more people have stepped into the dropshipping sector with a reliable sourcing agent. Generally, the biggest challenge when it comes to an eCommerce business is you never know whether the product’s quality is good and the manufacturers are authentic.

But with a drop shipping business, a sourcing agent easily solves such problems making the business easier and scalable. The dropshipping business model has started gaining much traction in recent years, because of the advantage of not having to store inventory.

Dropshipping agents and sourcing agents act as a middleman between vendors and merchants, delivering goods from warehouses straight to buyers. People looking to start or expand their dropshipping business still lack information about sourcing agents and how their life can be made easy with their help and expertise. But what exactly are sourcing agents, and what can they do for drop shippers?

What is a Sourcing Agent?

There may be times when you’ve got a lot on your plate, regardless of how big or small your company is. With your existing supplier or manufacturer, you can run into unforeseen issues like a deterioration in quality products or missed delivery targets. All businesses like to stay away from these scenarios since they can result in a loss of clients and, eventually, sales.

The safest and easiest solution to such unforeseen situations is to hire a sourcing agent. A sourcing agent is someone whose main duty is to track down manufacturers and suppliers who can live up to your requirements. According to your demands and if they are able to work in your favor, you can choose either a sourcing agent from a sourcing company or an independent worker.

Sourcing company agents usually have greater resources and are able to provide you with a fulfillment process that is more organized. Whatever option you select, these experts will assist you in streamlining your entire business process.

What Services Do Sourcing Agents Provide?

Multilingual fluency may also be necessary for the job, along with sound business judgment and organizational abilities. Sourcing agents are familiar with where to locate multiple suppliers and have ties with local manufacturers.

They can bargain with a potential supplier and possibly work out discounted rates and other agreements that the business doesn’t have time to discuss independently. Both parties have an interest in cooperating with a sourcing agent because doing so can save the business money and possibly result in the creation of a lasting and valued agreement for the supplier.

A sourcing agent’s or company’s main responsibility is to locate manufacturers or suppliers for an online store, though they may also be responsible for other tasks. While the main responsibility of a sourcing agent is to locate manufacturers or suppliers for an ecommerce business, they also provide several other services, including product sourcing, storage, packing, and shipping. Some may even offer branding services for your business. A sourcing agent’s capabilities go far beyond simply finding new suppliers.

Why You Need a Sourcing Agent

So, you’ve been running your drop shipping business by yourself for a couple of years through different suppliers, and you seem to be doing fine, or so you think. Why would you need a sourcing agent, you ask? Here are some benefits of a sourcing agent that may help you decide:

1. Find more cost-effective products

A drop shipping sourcing agent will help you get high-quality goods at excellent prices. Since sourcing agents are experts in their field, they have a strong connection and network in the region you procure your goods. Therefore, they can help you contact several manufacturers and select the supplier who delivers the best value for the money.

2. Optimize delivery timelines

Because of their knowledge and experience, dropshipping agents can typically provide you with shorter shipment times. This usually happens if they are near a well-known logistical hub that enables them to send items swiftly over the world. Moreover, a competent sourcing agent or sourcing company will be aware of the optimal delivery method for every region. For instance, your agent might use YunExpress to make deliveries to Austria and 4PX to deliver products to Germany.

3. Regular product cost

A dropshipping sourcing agent will offer you more regular product prices, which is yet another benefit of hiring them. This way, the costs of your products will remain consistent and won’t fluctuate on a regular basis, which is a common problem dropshippers encounter when dealing with suppliers, for example, Ali Express, etc.

4. Help you build a brand

Additionally, your sourcing agent can enhance the packaging of your products, giving them a more branded look. You can also request that your agent add your logo, a discount code, a note of appreciation, or the instruction manual for your product in the shipment.

5. Gain product trends more easily

Lastly, the best reason is you can get insights on all the latest market trends along with expert advice on how to expand your product range since you have a one-on-one interaction with your sourcing agent.

Now you know the benefits of a sourcing agent and how working with one can help your dropshipping business and scale it to levels you only dreamed of. However, it is crucial that you hire the right sourcing agent, as so much of your business depends on it. Below are some tips that will guide you through the process.

Success Tips to Find a Reliable Sourcing Agent

Since there are so many sourcing agents to choose from, finding the perfect one to fit your business needs can be difficult. The tips we are sharing below will help you find a reliable sourcing agent:

  • Verify credentials

    A reputable sourcing agent or company will gladly show you their legal business license. Ensure there is complete transparency between you and the agent.

  • Check for client testimonials and reviews from the sourcing agent

    If they disagree or are hesitant, it means they have something to hide, and it’s better to stay clear of such companies or agents.

  • Experience and specialization

    The sourcing agent’s experience is an important component. Experience is essential since, without it, they won’t know which providers to work with and which ones to avoid. That is ultimately the reason you hire them. Their area of expertise is crucial as well. They are probably not a good choice for you if you offer electronic goods and the agent only has worked with clothing suppliers only.

  • Linguistic ability

    Facilitating between you and the manufacturer is among the most crucial jobs of any sourcing company. Therefore, it’s crucial that they are flawless in both the language of the manufacturer and a language you are familiar with. If they are fluent in Chinese but are unable to communicate with you in your language, they are of little use. Manufacturing focuses on the specifics and unique qualities your product must have, after all. You won’t receive the item you seek if they can’t effectively explain those qualities.

  • Location

    To be able to restock more quickly, your agent must be close to the product’s manufacturing facility. Additionally, you want to engage with an agent who can give quick delivery times to your desired country; hence, their place of operations must be along good shipping routes.

  • Supplier network

    A competent sourcing professional should be able to recommend a number of manufacturers that can produce your goods. They ought to be well connected and be aware of the best sources for your product.

  • Transparency

    Transparency is crucial, just as it is with any professional service provider. A good sourcing agent informs you beforehand of potential costs and their breakup. Additionally, if you wish to visit the factory with them, they should be open to the idea. It’s critical that the supply chain is transparent.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to not settle for the first sourcing agent you encounter. You really have to do your research and shop for the ideal one who suits your business needs. Once you’ve finalized 2-3 sourcing agents, compare their services, charges, and quality, along with other aspects, and make the decision.

Where to Find Sourcing Agents for Your Business?

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