Your inquiry request may be rejected in rare cases.(When rejected, the remaining amount of RFQs will be restored, and you can submit additional products for RFQs.)

We have sorted out the reason why the RFQ will be rejected, please refer to it.

  • The amount of your orders per day is too small to meet the minimum purchase quantity of the supplier.

Most of our suppliers are manufacturers in China who provide the most competitive prices to their customers in bulk purchases as well as require minimum purchases orders volume. (Typically it should not be less than 20 pcs per product per day ).

If the average daily purchase quantity of your product is less than 20 pcs, the manufacturers or agents may reject your RFQs.

  • No appropriate suppliers can match your target price.

Please fill in the target price carefully in accordance with the actual situation. If the filled target price is not a valuable reference, your RFQ may not be able to match the appropriate supplier.

In the following cases, the RFQ may be rejected.

① Fill in the target price at will, unable to match the suitable supplier.

② The quotation provided by our supplier exceeds 20% of your target price and our system will intercept this kind of quotation.

  • No matching method of shipping for the products.

For certain products, depending on the packaging or transportation limitation, in some countries, there is no suitable shipping method.

In the following cases, the RFQ may be rejected.

① Sensitive products in the logistics field, such as ultra-powered products with batteries, liquid, sprayers, and knives.

② The dimension of the product package exceeds the shipping limitation, the sum of length, width and height is over 120cm.

③ The length of the product package is too long and the longest single side exceeds 120cm.

④ The product is overweight, and the single package exceeds 3kgs, which exceeds the requirements of most transportation methods.

⑤ The product is counterfeit or infringing.

  • No Logistic Service to the country you select.

We only cooperate with the top logistics company. For some countries and regions that are more remote or beyond the delivery service coverage, the delivery may not be available.

  • The suppliers can not manufacture or supply the product.

In the following cases, the request for quotation may be rejected.

① The manufacturer has stopped producing this product.

② The supplier does not provide this product.

③ Due to factors such as raw materials which lead to stock insufficiencies, our suppliers are unable to provide a quotation.

Above for your reference and we hope it will be helpful to you.

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